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How to Move Fish Tank

1. Remove Livestock


Before we do anything else, we must remove our fishes and plants first. Do it in an order where it eases the catching of the fishes. It is also worth considering lowering the water level of the tank to ease the catching process too, especially for those fishes that are experts in escaping the net. 

2. Remove substrate / Drain Water

If there is no substrate, simply proceed to drain the water by using a siphon or water hose. 

But if there is substrate, always remember to remove the substrate while there is still water! The water acts as an agent in helping you to clear the substrate without much scratching against the glass of the fish tank. 

TIP: If we are talking about fine substrate, the water hose can be used to drain water together with the substrate while placing a net or something to filter and gather the substrate at the end where the water gushes out. 



3. Wipe down

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Some prefer to clean up the water stains and algae stains while there is water in the tank, but some prefer to do it after water is drained. It's totally up to you.

Ultimately, when selling a fish tank or relocating it, this is the best time to do a thorough cleaning because there will be no livestock inside. 


4. Dry out!

Draining the water is easy, but removing the last one inch of water is always the most difficult. 

TIP: Get a absorbent cloth and a bucket. 

Use the cloth to soak up the remaining water and squeeze the water out into the bucket. Depending on the size of your tank, it should only take a few minutes to entirely remove all the remaining water at the base of the fish tank. 


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5. Leave it all to us!

tankaway (5).png

When all of the above has been done, simply leave it to us! If your fish tank setup has existing filter pipings, kindly do not dismantle them at all and leave it to our team to do it. Only when we dismantle it our way, then can we assemble it back. 

We will do the necessary wrapping and adding of protective layers to ensure an accident-free and scratch-free delivery. 


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