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Fish Relocation

Fish Relocation


Our team of experts have years of experience in handling the delivery or relocation of our aquarium fishes. Especially when we are talking about the bigger sized fishes, that is where our service is needed. 

Many customers have trusted us with their beloved fishes like the arowana, stingrays, and other monster fishes. 

We help to catch, bag, and relocate. 

Catching and relocating monster fishes, especially the arowana, is always a tricky and risky task. With their high tendency to jump and hurt themselves, it is better to leave it to the professionals to do it. While we cannot guarantee a risk-free operation, we can guarantee a low-risk operation.

Rehome Fishes

Are you thinking of quitting the hobby or giving  away your fish? Releasing our fishes into our reservoirs are not allowed in Singapore. Hence, tankaway provides fish rehoming services too. Contact us to let us know of your needs and we can help you. 

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